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In an ideal world, recruitment would be as simple as ordering takeaway, hailing a taxi or even finding a date. The truth is that we are a long way from AI, Machine Learning and Automation removing the need for experienced head hunters and recruiters.


That being said, we truly believe that all these tools have a place in the recruitment process however must, at all times, be underpinned by true expertise – after all, recruiting is very personal and there are simply too many variables for technology to currently decipher.


At TalentintheCloud we continually strive to be at the forefront of innovation with new sourcing methods, digital assessments and people analytics.

Our Roots

TalentintheCloud is a UK registered company with offices in Cape Town, South Africa and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Our story began early in 2016 when our CEO envisaged a new type of Recruitment business – a business that wasn’t reliant on pushy sales people, inexperienced ‘recruiters’ and the ’slap dash’ approach that the vast majority of recruitment agencies are unfortunately known for.


Being a wannabe techie (his words not ours!), Darren set about trying to find that perfect balance between Human and Machine – revamping the way in which TalentintheCloud engages with potential customers, candidates and re-desgining the recruitment process to bring it in line with the demands of FinTech’s.


Late in 2016, TalentintheCloud won its first major account – the DPO Group based in Nairobi Kenya. After a series of workshops, the DPO Executive team took a somewhat brave decision to entrust us with their major African expansion program – across 18 African countries. To date, TalentintheCloud and DPO Group continue to work closely together and in the words of their CEO, Eran Feinstein ‘we couldn’t have achieved our rapid and successful growth without TalentintheCloud’.


Since 2016, TalentintheCloud has cemented itself as the go-to staffing business for the African FinTech sector. Working with some of the most innovative and fastest growing FinTech’s across East, West and Southern Africa.

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Leadership Team


Marco Baptista

Head of International

Meghan Lee Mare

Head of Permanent Recruitment

Darren Franks

Founder & CEO

JP De Sousa

Marketing Manager

Tiffany-Kelly Fritz

Head of Research

Richard Alden

Non-Executive Director


We’re proud supporters of both the African and European Women in FinTech and Payments community and actively promote gender diversity and equality. As key members of the African chapter, we’ve hosted numerous events in both Cape Town and Nairobi with other events planned for 2019.

Our Partners

‘Fintegration’ (the collaboration between FinTech’s and Banks) is a hot topic in the world of FinTech. Whilst TalentintheCloud isn’t a FinTech nor a bank (!) we feel collaboration is vital to further expand our networks and deep understanding of the markets in which we operate.

We have carefully selected a number of partners including media, NGO, technology and advisory firms. All of these organizations form our community and we’re continually looking to add like-minded businesses and organizations to our network. Please contact info@talentinthecloud.io for more information.


We regularly attend leading industry events across Europe and Africa. Attending these events not only keeps us informed of the latest trends and topics from the industry but also goes along way to increase our network of leadership talent.
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